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Barind Media Limited

Creating a positive future for children

Today life is a fast paced racetrack. We start our day with panic, continue with challenges every step of the way, come home tired & restless, and emerge into watching television, which is one of the prime sources of entertainment nowadays. We get hooked into distressful dramas and artificially created reality shows that arguably increase the dreadfulness even more. We sleep off in a stressful dilemma. The cycle repeats every day.

The situation is no different for children. They are loaded with books heavier than themselves, to deal with competitive schooling. Their days are filled with stressful activities and the television they watch is filled with violence and woe. Houses with single television end up having the children watch programs that are not suitable for them, and thus create a negative mind set at an early age. The urban children are even deprived of playgrounds. What a childhood!

We at Barind Media Limited have decided to put an effort to change this downward spiral, at least for the children. We believe in our children, our future. We believe they have all the right to have the universe that will make them the children of the future, a future that is bright, promising.

We pursue to create a television channel for the children. We want to make and show programs suitable for their minds, soothing to ease their day-to-day pressure and teach morality, ethics and values. We want to help develop children in a healthy way, in a fun filled manner. We want to make programs for parents & care givers to help raise children in a positive and constructive way. We believe that education & information should be provided through entertainment for young minds. We believe that we must build positive, constructive, proud Bangladeshis as well as world citizens to take our country striving forward. We dream to build a platform to create such an opportunity for our children.

Barind Media Limited has taken steps into making this dream a reality. We have obtained license for becoming the first children’s television channel of Bangladesh. We plan to begin our test transmission by January 2017, followed by our regular transmission by April 2017. This will be a free to air satellite channel with base station in Dhaka.

We have taken on board specialists who are trained in children’s psychology, spent years making children’s programs and designed curriculums for children. We have taken special consideration into research and commissioned a nation wide research on children’s television viewing habits and effect of television on young minds and their parents. We are all set to offer constructive, educational, informational yet fun filled TV experience for the children of Bangladesh.

Renaissance Group believes that it owes to the environment, society and nation within which it operates, and this is the reason why the group puts emphasis on the people who are in and around the environment it operates. Interestingly, the dream of having a children’s TV Channel brilliantly coincides with its business principles.

We, at Renaissance Group and Barind Media Limited, dream big, start small and take pride in making the dream into reality. Our business started off some twenty years back with a headcount of three and now we employ nearly 20,000 individuals. We have come quite far chasing our dreams. We are passionate about all our endeavors and strongly believe the first Bangladeshi children’s television to be set up by us will be a grand success. We believe in the future. We believe in the children of Bangladesh. We are committed to help to create a platform, a universe for the children of Bangladesh who will take our country forward by leaps and bounds.

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