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North Bengal Agro Farm Ltd

North Bengal Agro Farm Ltd. has coined our business with diversification. Tissue Culture projects of potatoes and commercial plants have made a special room in our business. Under this project we are now growing ten lac pieces of Potato Plantlet, five hundred kilograms of Pre Foundation Seeds, Two Metric Tons of Foundation Seeds and 5 Metric Tons of Certified Seeds annually.

Apart from our Tissue Culture Project we are proud to announce the Agro products like Potato, Maize, Rice, Vegetables, Spice and Milk in the local market of Thakurgaon as ours. We are capable of supplying around 40 tons of Potatoes, 11 tons of Maize, 3 Tons of Rice, 2160 liters of milk and a ton of vegetables per year.

Though we are still investing on the project but receive the Certification of ‘Bangladesh Seed Certification Agency’ and follow the Standard Post Harvest Processing Techniques and Guidelines of Seed Certification Agency for the purpose of producing quality Agro products.

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