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Riverstone Limited

Riverstone Limited is a regulated and licensed Merchant Bank based in Bangladesh . Riverstone operates under a Merchant Banking License from the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission under the Merchant Banking and Portfolio Management rules 1996 to carry out Merchant Banking and Portfolio Management business.

Riverstone works as an Arranger and Financial Advisor to Financial Institutions, Businesses and Public Sector Enterprises, helping them raise both domestic and cross border debt and equity financing. Our offerings range from arranging locally syndicated loans and Bonds to Export Credit / Multilateral Agency backed Debts and Cross Border Private Equity and Initial Public Offering Issue Management. In addition to arranging financing, we also act as Advisors for Mergers and Acquisitions, Project Finance Advisory and Financing Strategy to help businesses achieve their goals.

For the discerning investors, Riverstone provides access to investment opportunities in the rapidly expanding economy of Bangladesh. Through its extensive local relationship network and insights, Riverstone is able to identify opportunities in the private as well as public markets for Fixed Income and Equities.. We bring in-depth local understanding and global standards for our sophisticated international and local investors. As a Merchant Bank, we provide in depth research and portfolio management services , as well as financing for acquisition of securities.

As a well-capitalized financial institution, we also invest in various fixed income and equities in Bangladesh on our own accord. Our proprietary investment book covers underwriting of a wide range of securities starting from plain vanilla debt to equities and hybrids.

We believe in continuously expanding our offerings through innovation and creativity, achieving excellence through responsiveness and ownership of our customer’s demands with complete trust and integrity through our people.

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